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The pace of innovation is set by design engineers using revolutionary technologies to improve how they design, simulate, prototype and test. Digital Engineering (formerly Desktop Engineering) is on the front lines of the revolution. Via a monthly magazine, nine e-newsletters, social media and, we deliver need-to-know information on the combination of high-performance computing and simulation-based modeling that is driving up-front design, new rapid prototyping and testing technologies that are improving the bottom line, and the engineering services our audience needs to thrive.

With any fundamental technological shift comes confusion and steep learning curves. Engineers need an independent voice they can rely on to cut through the noise and focus on the most productive solutions. DE provides that perspective from the latest breakthroughs in cloud computing to PLM and data management, to cutting-edge technologies like the Internet of Things and advanced materials.

Our mission is to guide our audience through the myriad of new engineering tools by showcasing not only why they should be implemented, but how to take advantage of the amazing opportunities they provide by integrating them into an optimized engineering workflow.

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Frequency: 12X

Audience: Professionals in product or system design engineering, engineering analysis, industrial design, corporate management, engineering or IT management, testing/measurement/quality inspection and research & development

*Magazine Circulation: 60,000 BPA